I’m punishing myself as I write this. I’ve been trying to be careful about wasting food. Last night I put too much chili sauce on the tofu and so set it aside to eat today with rice. Then, I scorched the rice. I also have some wilted salad greens that should have been eaten two days ago. So, I put it all in a bowl and I’m shoveling it right by my insulted taste buds. I hope you’re treating yourself a little better!



Mostly I’m feeling okay, but some mornings I wake up low. I asked my FB pals to recommend laugh-riot movies, and boy did they deliver. I’ve put it together for you here

should you be in need of a laugh.

I want to particularly recommend About Time available on Netflix. It isn’t earth shattering, it’s comforting, offers some titters, and I’m a big Bill Nighy fan. Plus, when we turned off the tv and went to bed, I didn’t feel anxious or depressed. So that is a big win!!













I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little tired of the same-old, same-old playlists I have on Spotify. I discovered the Cooking Together tag for playlists from strangers, and from the likes of Alicia Keys, and Selena Gomez. Also a fan of this, Everybody Loves the Sunshine radio over on Spotify (Jose James, Miles Davis, Robert Glasper, Charlie Hunter and more. It’s chill and mostly upbeat). If classical music is your jam, check this Erik Satie piece. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it!)  This, I PROMISE, will cleanse your palate!

If you’re a fan of Jill Lepore, historian and New Yorker contributor, I recommend this episode of the New Yorker Radio Hour, in which Lepore looks to history for solace on how pandemics end. She specifically looks at the polio epidemic, and how people, particularly children, stayed indoors before the Salk vaccine. It is really, really lovely (only about 20 minutes long) and I learned a ton.



















This is the best I’ve got for you: a quick way to add crunch to your life.

My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.








































That’s it for today. Thank you for taking care of yourselves. Thank you for being extra kind to the people you see in the world (from 6 feet apart). There is nothing racist about this virus. Thank you: medical professionals, farmers, grocery store clerks, generous neighbors, sanitation workers and many other kind human beings. I’ll be in touch.